Temasek Review 2021

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BioNTech researchers assess the development of antibody and antibody-mimetic protein technologies that aim to diversify antibody therapeutics for cancer (Photo: BioNTech SE; photo taken before COVID-19)

Our Financials
and Portfolio

We must do well,so we can do good

We ended the year with a net portfolio value of S$381 billion.

  • S$381b
    Net portfolio value
  • 24.53%
    One-year return to shareholder
  • 8%
    20-year return to shareholder
  • 14%
    Annualised return since inception
  • S$49b
    Invested during the year
  • S$39b
    Divested during the year
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Through a network of over 3,000 partners, Rivulis works with individual growers and large plantations to provide micro irrigation solutions (Photo: Rivulis)

Portfolio Highlights

Anchored in Asia, we have 60% underlying exposure to developed economies.

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We work to deliver sustainable value over the long term as an active investor and an engaged owner

Our Major Investments

Our portfolio companies have added much to the strength, reputation, and potential of Temasek.