Temasek Review 2021

A Forward Looking Institution

The character and purpose of Temasek is shaped by our Temasek Charter, our MERITT values and business strategy as we strive to do right, as individuals and as a team.

At Temasek, we seek to make a difference, actively shaping and building a better tomorrow for today’s and future generations. We do this by investing in human potential, which, in turn, builds and sustains our portfolio, our institution and our wider communities, always with tomorrow foremost in our minds.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to ensuring a more sustainable planet, for all our people, drives our focus as an investor, institution and steward.

We look for opportunities to invest in companies addressing global sustainability challenges, and to help companies transform business models to be more sustainable. We incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into our investment decision making and management.

As an owner, we work to understand issues that may impact our portfolio companies and how they might navigate them. This helps us form views about how we might put capital to work, deploy resources to create new platforms and businesses to address future needs. We encourage companies to adopt policies and practices that safeguard and enhance long term sustainability and resilience of their business.

We seek to build a resilient Temasek by developing our people, capabilities and processes around sustainability, good governance and a sense of purpose. In a rapidly changing world, we are helping our people cut through complex challenges by using an agile mindset to learn and formulate ideas for solutions, make decisions with conviction and act with courage to implement them. We do so while encouraging our people to maintain good hearts, always keeping in mind the impact of our decisions on people and communities.

We invest in human potential which in turn builds and sustains our portfolio, our institution and our wider communities.

Temasek catalyses innovative solutions
Temasek catalyses innovative solutions and drives sustainability initiatives to build up the resilience of our businesses, communities and society (Photo taken during COVID-19 per IMDA guidelines)

We foster community partnerships and provide gifts to Temasek Trust to uplift lives and build resilience in our communities. We look across generations as a steward, investing with tomorrow in mind. For instance, our philanthropic gifts are structured on twin pillars of governance and sustainability, providing support for Temasek Foundation to strengthen social resilience among beneficiaries and the wider community, broaden collaborations and partnership between peoples, and advance science and nature for a better world. These philanthropic programmes range from education and healthcare, to community building and research; from public service capabilities to sustainability initiatives.

We believe that dialogue and robust exchanges of information, best practices and ideas between stakeholders from the public and private sectors are critical enablers of sustainable solutions and growth.

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to promote inclusive prosperity while protecting our planet. The decisions we make today are growing more urgent in the face of evidence that the window is closing for timely and impactful changes to bring about a more sustainable world. We sponsor calls for action to stimulate more innovative solutions for an abc World of active economies, beautiful societies and a clean, cool Earth, as a common good.

We engage our stakeholders and partners on sustainability issues, to share wider perspectives, forge partnerships and catalyse solutions.

One of our key engagement platforms is our annual Ecosperity conference, held since 2014. Global business leaders, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs and academics exchange views and share best practices on sustainable development as well as to drive action to achieve a clean and green future. During the COVID-19 period, we engaged our portfolio companies and the public regularly through virtual Ecosperity Conversations sessions.

We seek to do our part to mitigate and address climate change. As an institution, we have achieved our 2020 goal of carbon neutrality. Consistent with the goals of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in seeking to keep the average global temperature increase to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, we aim to halve the net carbon emissions of our portfolio over 2010 levels by 2030 and deliver net zero emissions by 2050. We work with our staff and investee companies to develop solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, and collectively operate in a more sustainable and eco-conscious manner.

We seek to do our part to mitigate and address climate change.

We continue to promote stewardship through the Stewardship Asia Centre (SAC) which focuses on creating awareness and capability for the practical application of good stewardship through research, education, engagement and advisory services. In April 2021, SAC and the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, jointly designed The Stewardship Edge, an executive education programme aimed at enabling both personal and organisational growth while addressing the existential threats facing humanity today, especially in the post-pandemic world.

As part of its mission to accelerate the stewardship movement, SAC is also leading the ongoing development of the Singapore Stewardship Principles for Responsible Investors (SSP), an industry-driven initiative supported by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Singapore Exchange (SGX).

We advocate good governance and uphold the Santiago Principles for sovereign investments. We had supported the International Monetary Fund initiative to frame these principles in 2008.

We advocate good governance and uphold the Santiago Principles for sovereign investments.

We continue to engage with regulators, stakeholders and other thought leaders in their development of principles that recognise trustworthy capital, in the midst of an environment of heightened scrutiny towards foreign investments.

We advocate good governance and uphold the Santiago Principles for sovereign investments.