Temasek Review 2021
Pathways to Sustainability

Enabling a Sustainable Company

Sustainability is at the core of what we do: a part of who we are, and our emphasis to do well, do right, and do good. Measuring and managing our environmental footprint remains a major enabler for change.

We empower our employees to advocate for change and build a sustainable ecosystem across our portfolio and partners across business, government and civil society.

We had set and achieved our target of carbon neutrality as a company two years ago, and have maintained this status. While Scope 3 indirect emissions relating to our operations have decreased, particularly due to COVID-related restrictions on business travel, we have progressed our plans to further reduce our emissions and resource use.

In particular, we initiated an assessment of the potential to further reduce Scope 2 indirect emissions from our headquarters in Singapore, including the possibility of generating renewable energy using on-site solar panels.

At the company operations level, we track the use of electricity, which is a source of our Scope 2 indirect emissions; business travel, corporate events and other activities which add to our Scope 3 indirect emissions; water consumption and paper usage. We have negligible Scope 1 direct carbon emitting activities. These form part of our environmental footprint.

We purchased carbon credits to compensate for residual emissions. These credits supported an efficient cookstove project in Rwanda to reduce the consumption of non-renewable firewood for cooking. It aims to curb deforestation while improving health conditions and well-being for rural households.

Our employees are critical for driving a more sustainable organisation. To enhance awareness and give them tools, we have provided various training modules on climate change as well as our updated ESG approach. We partnered the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) to extend sustainability-focused leadership training to the members of the Temasek Board and the boards and senior leadership teams of our key portfolio companies.

Project GO! is a series of ecology-focused staff initiatives. Programmes initiated last year included e-waste recycling and sustainable food awareness initiatives as well as educational talks on sustainability-related topics with a key focus on biodiversity. These were done through online sessions, during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Beyond carbon emissions, our staff also worked to conserve critical habitats. Our partnership with the Global Evergreening Alliance supports tree planting and land restoration for farming communities in Kenya. Temasek staff committed to plant two million trees on 50,000 hectares of land over five years, benefiting around 56,000 households and 280,000 individuals.